PreVu® Skin Cholesterol Test

Luminor Medical Technologies focus on coronary artery disease (CAD) is led by its PreVu® Non-Invasive Skin Cholesterol Test that measures cholesterol levels in the skin – a new biomarker for risk of CAD – with similar ease to the Scout DS®. CAD is a progressive condition involving formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the coronary arteries. The plaques may gradually impede blood flow through the coronary arteries or they may rupture. CAD may be asymptomatic for many years, but if left untreated, it eventually may lead to angina (chest pain), myocardial infarction (heart attacks), or death.

Since the 1980s, increased blood serum cholesterol has been identified as a risk factor for atherosclerosis and (CAD). But because cholesterol can be quantified in the skin and given the large role skin plays in cholesterol metabolism, clinical thinking began to emerge surrounding how the measurement of skin cholesterol could provide an additional determination of lipid deposition, and thus atherosclerosis. What in turn emerged from this was the eventual development of a simple, fast and non-invasive method of cardiovascular risk determination that would come to be known as the PreVu® Skin Cholesterol Test.

Elevated levels of skin cholesterol (cholesterol that has deposited and diffused into skin tissue as opposed to circulating freely in the blood stream) have now been clinically shown to be associated with an increased risk of coronary artery disease as measured by treadmill stress testing and coronary angiography, as well as measured by testing for coronary calcium, carotid artery thickening and carotid artery plaque (PreVu® Clinical Evidence) Skin cholesterol comprises of 11% of total body cholesterol, and the PreVu® Test painlessly and conveniently scans cholesterol levels in the skin and generates results in just minutes. Like the Scout DS®, it does not require needles, blood draw, fasting or wait times and individuals with elevated test results are recommended to follow-up with their physician for formal risk assessment including blood serum cholesterol testing.

The PreVu® Skin Cholesterol Test can help healthcare professionals in the risk assessment of patients for CAD. And if patients at higher risk for developing CAD can be identified earlier in the course of their illness, it is not unreasonable to expect improved outcomes towards guarding against a first heart attack event.

The PreVu® POC Test is CE-Marked for the EU, and has Health Canada and US FDA regulatory clearance.

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