Whistle Blower Policy

Luminor Medical Technologies Inc. whistle blower policy

As a publicly traded corporation, the integrity, transparency and accountability of the financial, administrative and management practices of LuminorĀ Inc. (the “Coproration”) is critical. This information guides the decision of the board of directors of the Corporation and is relied upon by shareholders of the Corporation and the financial markets. For these reasons, it is critical for the Corporation to maintain a workplace where concerns regarding questionable business practices can be raised without fear of any discrimination, retaliation or harassment.

All directors, officers, employees and consultants of the Corporation are encouraged to promptly report either orally, or in writing to their immediate supervisor, all evidence of activity by a director, officer, employee or consultant of the Corporation that may constitute any of the following:

  • questionable accounting practices;
  • inadequate internal accounting controls;
  • the misleading coercion of auditors;
  • disclosure of fraudulent or misleading financial information; and
  • instances of corporate fraud.